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Sidrah 1.0

Across a span of six months, participants underwent training from our esteemed international partner, NYAA, as well as seasoned bilingual trainers from the renowned global consulting firm, Protiviti Oman. Additionally, the participants received guidance and inspiration from Lahunna's extensive network, comprising former and current Parliamentarians, Ministers, Professors, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Civil Society Leaders, providing invaluable mentorship and support.

The program followed a two-phase approach:

Phase 1


Emphasized experiential learning, taking place at Outward Bound Oman's Jabal Akhdar Training Centre for a duration of four days.

Phase II

Upon the completion of Phase I, the Sidrah Women were split into two distinct pathways for a duration of 6 months:

Pathway A: Tri-Sector:

Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship by NYAA:

Weekly coaching sessions were conducted to instill a deep understanding of the essential connections among the public, private, and non-profit sectors. These sessions also focused on imparting strategies for identifying and cultivating new opportunities and fostering innovation in problem-solving.

Thematic white papers were meticulously crafted, aligning directly with Oman's Vision 2040.

This program was led by NYAA in Singapore, the world's second-largest National Award Authority, and was represented by Dr. Charles Chao Rong Phua, CEO and Strategist-General of Solaris Strategies Singapore.

Pathway B:

Values-Based Leadership by Protiviti:

The program involved coaching and mentoring young women, equipping them with skills for the future of work. This encompassed harnessing their strengths, including the development of work ethics, critical thinking, research and analysis, and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, we placed significant emphasis on personal branding, self-leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, and guided them in discovering their unique leadership identity through effective collaboration, informed decision-making, and community engagement.

This program was designed by Shatha Al Maskiry and delivered by professionals from Protiviti Oman, and IDENTITY. It was further enriched by mentors from Lahunna's extensive network, providing inspiration, valuable insights, and opportunities for professional growth.