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Sidrah Program

In collaboration between Lahunna Oman and Outward Bound Oman, the Sidrah Youth Leadership Program aims to unleash the full potential of bright young Omani women aged 18-30 across Oman, spanning from Musandam to Dhofar. This comprehensive program offers holistic learning, emphasizing the development of self-awareness, resilience, collaboration, leadership skills, personal growth, and inspiring these young women to envision themselves as future leaders and catalysts for change.

Sidrah is designed to boost self-confidence, nurture employability skills, and promote 21st-century abilities including financial and digital literacy. The ultimate aim is to synchronize these young individuals with Oman's Vision 2040, empowering them to unlock their leadership capabilities and excel in any path they wish to pursue. They are not only guiding the path for future generations but also carving their own destinies. Through experiential learning in the great outdoors, workshops, group activities, mentoring sessions, networking opportunities, and community service, this program equips young women with the competence and wisdom required to embrace their future with optimism and confidence.

Sidrah's DNA is naturally geared towards shaping the upcoming generation in terms of character development, service-oriented learning, active participation in society, and a strong sense of volunteerism. This is achieved through a focus on Islamic values, social responsibility, and the concept of good citizenship.

The dynamic experience offered by Sidrah seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Elevate self-awareness.
  • Cultivate personal attributes like self-reliance and determination.
  • Foster an appreciation for teamwork, networking, and successful collaboration.
  • Instill leadership skills and help individuals discover their unique identities.
  • Awaken a sense of greater purpose

Motivation Behind Sidrah:

  • Establish a judgment-free haven
  • Stimulate the sharing of thoughts and viewpoints.
  • Cultivate trust, empathy, and mutual comprehension.
  • Advance diversity and inclusion through enhanced representation.
  • Champion innovation and decision-making for the greater good of society.
  • Forge peer connections for robust support networks and meaningful relationships.
  • Engage in conversations about gender stereotypes to enrich gender intelligence.
  • Offer mentorship and role models to nurture self-assurance.